Cookin Soul & MC Melodee – Passport Pimpin

MC Melodee – L.A. Drive (feat. Like)

Xanadu & Sweet Lady – Rappers Delight

Lettuce – RAGE ROCKS 2017 (feat. Ghostface, Meters, John Scofield, Marcus King)

Balance and the Traveling Sounds – In La

Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax – Downtime (The Allergies Remix)

Beastie Boys – Son Of Neckbone

Beastie Boys – B For My Name

Beastie Boys – Electric Worm

Smudge All Stars & George Clinton – Up Is Just A Place (feat. Stuart Zender, DJ D-Zire & MWS)

Lyrics Born & Joyo Velarde – Long Shot (feat. Galactic)

Bootsy Collins – Hip Hop Lollipop (feat. FANTAAZMA & Victor Wooten)