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Current projects  /  2017

New facilities & new name

We moved to a new location during 2015 that we have been continuously building and expanding for the past two years. This will allow us to work on a much wider range of projects, and we have relaunched Ultrafunk and our state-of-the-art workspace under the Newtone name.

2015Go to our new home

Newtone website dev + design

In parallel with establishing our new workspace, we became part of a joint venture called Newtone: Our fully responsive website was developed from scratch with selected open source image gallery components. All design elements and photos were also created from scratch exclusively for this site.

2016 - 2017Visit website

Viscount Legend organs

Ultrafunk is currently working with Viscount International SpA helping them launch the Legend line of organs based on our proprietary software and hardware DSP platform previously developed for DLQ / KeyB. The Legend and Legend Live organs will be available worldwide in Q1 or Q2 2017.

2017In development - Info | Video

Previous projects

NetInfo Widget for Android

Initially created for personal use, now available for all: NetInfo is an easy to use single or dual widget with a clean design that shows the current Mobile data and / or Wi-Fi connection details, with quick shortcuts to change the settings for each of them and easy access to turn any of them ON or OFF.

2014Google Play | GitHub

DLQ Legend organ

We did extensive R&D work for DLQ creating a new and more authentic sounding version of the KeyB series organ based on our Ultrafunk DSP platform, including totally rewritten tonewheel organ and rotating speaker cabinet simulation software, and a complete redesign of all the internal circuit boards.

2013 - 2016Transferred to Viscount

Ultrafunk DSP platform

The Ultrafunk DSP platform was created to make a common software and hardware base for all our music products, giving us creative freedom combined with a high degree of quality control. It was first used in the Organic One keyboard monitor, and it is currently being used in the Viscount Legend organs.

2012 - 2016Completed

Kunstforum web development

Kunstforums layout was redesigned to automatically fit on smartphone, tablet and desktop screen sizes. The site was built from the ground up as a totally new WordPress theme (Ultrafunk Responsive) with PHP and JavaScript customization to simplify publishing and enhance the user experience.

2014Visit website

Organic One monitor prototype

Ultrafunk organic one is a portable and dedicated high fidelity stereo monitoring system for keyboard players. Development was cancelled because we do not have the time, funds or resources needed to create a fabrication ready unit that we feel comfortable selling to our fellow musicians.

2010 - 2013Cancelled - Info | U1 | U2

Andreas Pålsson Trio Album

Andreas Pålsson recorded his debut trio album titled "Scrabble" in Oslo, May 2010. Album production, cover photographs + design and website development was done by Ultrafunk. The sessions were captured live in the studio with keyboard monitoring provided by one of our speaker prototypes.

2010 - 2011Listen | View cover

Popcorn email client

Popcorn was a lightweight and portable email client for Windows that was available as shareware and freeware (open source). Development and support ended after twelve years because of the rapid growth and easy availability of fully featured webmail clients / services like Gmail, Outlook etc.

1998 - 2010Discontinued

Sonitus:fx audio plug-in suite

Sonitus:fx are a series of professional audio processing tools for digital audio editing, sound design, games, multimedia, film and studio work. After five years of continued development, increasing sales and great reviews, we sold the Sonitus audio plug-in suite to the US company Cakewalk.

1998 - 2003Discontinued

FL Studio custom audio plug-ins

FL Studio, developed by Image Line software, is a complete software music production environment or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). After the first release of Sonitus, they commissioned us to create two custom audio plug-ins for them based on the Sonitus fx:compressor and fx:reverb.

1999 - 2001 Visit website - P1 | P2 | P3

Movie Station video editor

Movie Station was created to be our experimental platform for video effects and NLE (non-linear editing). It was made in parallel with the Apollon audio editor and the Sonitus:fx audio plug-ins, and it was never fully developed because we had to focus our limited time and resources on Sonitus.

1999 - 2000Discontinued

Apollon audio editor

Apollon was our first application created on Windows based on the audio and music software we made for the Amiga platform. After three years of part-time development, we sold the project to the Israeli company Waves, where we worked on it full-time for two years until it was cancelled before release.

1995 - 1999Discontinued

ProTracker sequencer

ProTracker was a popular freeware sample sequencer (tracker) for the Amiga platform. It was created by the Amiga Freelancers: Lars Hamre, Anders Hamre, Rune Johnsrud from Ultrafunk and Morten Lund, and it was based on a disassembled and reverse engineered version of NoiseTracker.

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