Ultrafunk is a free and open interactive playlist with carefully chosen and continually updated tracks rooted in Funk and other genres you might like if you love Funk music as much as we do!

Using it is very simple: Choose a Channel (category) or Shuffle from the top menu, click or tap on the Play button at the top right, or just press Space to start or stop playing. Go to the next or previous tracks using the top right buttons, or by using Arrow left for previous or Arrow right for next. Ultrafunk will automatically continue to play music until it runs out of tracks in the selected Channel.

For the best possible experience including background audio playback, please install Ultrafunk as a Progressive Web App (PWA) using Chrome on Windows, macOS, Linux or ChromeOS. You can also install it as a PWA on iOS and Android, but it will be more limited because of restrictions on background activities when using mobile devices.


If you need help using this site, please head over to the dedicated Help page.

Bugs / issues

If you find any bugs, issues, or you have any other feedback regarding this site / PWA (Progressive Web App), please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Source code

The complete WordPress theme source code for this website is available on our GitHub page.

Ultrafunk history

If you are looking for the old (previous) Ultrafunk website, it can still be found here: https://old.ultrafunk.com


Ultrafunk is not affiliated or associated with YouTube / Google or SoundCloud in any way.